Mom reveals how she potty-trained her baby at 3 months old

This TikTok mom shared how she started potty training her baby at just 3 months old!

Alexis Abdelaziz (@lexiabdelaziz) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable baby, Aya. In a recent video, Alexis shared how she started potty training Aya at just 3 months old. The mom shows her step-by-step strategy for toilet-training the baby, and makes it look surprisingly simple!

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The video begins with a shot of Alexis holding Aya. The mom wears gold earrings and a white sweater, while Aya wears a striped onesie. “How I potty trained my 3-month-old baby,” a caption on the video reads.

Next, the video cuts to a shot of Alexis holding Aya on a small child-sized toilet. Alexis holds the baby by her armpits, keeping her stable as she sits on the toilet. Aya, meanwhile, giggles up at her mom. “[I] put her on the potty every morning and after every nap,” Alexis writes in a caption.

Then, Alexis begins to list more scenarios in which she takes the time to potty train the 3-month-old. “After every feeding, before and after every walk/outing, [and] every time she gives me cues she has to go (grunting, pausing while feeding, squirming, pushing),” she writes.

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In the next shot, Alexis shows herself on another day, potty training Aya. In this shot, the mom stands behind the toilet and holds the baby firmly by the legs to keep her stabilized.

In the final shot, the mom and daughter sit on a full-sized toilet. Aya stares off into the distance as Alexis looks down adoringly at her daughter.

Some viewers applauded Alexis while others questioned why she was potty training her baby at such a young age.

“I did this. Expect some regressions, but overall it was the best thing ever,” one parent wrote.

“3 months though? That’s so young!” a more skeptical viewer commented.

“This seems so much more personal. I love this,” another TikToker wrote.

Alexis’ strategy might not be for everyone, but it seems to be working for her and her baby!

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