Mom schools woman who told her she 'wasn't a real parent' since she didn't give birth

Erica Rae Chong
<i>Photo via Reddit</i>
Photo via Reddit

One woman is hitting back at a Facebook commenter who told her she “wasn’t a real parent since [she] didn’t give birth.”


Reddit user Vietnamazinggg penned a heartfelt response to her naysayer to show that childbirth isn’t a prerequisite for motherhood.

“I did not give birth to my child. I did not get to feel him growing within me, or hold him against my skin when he was born. Perhaps by your definition, my child is not a part of me — he does not resemble me or my wife,” she writes.

“Let me tell you what being a parent is to me. I didn’t labour for hour for this child, I laboured for years. I waited years to be told that we had been chose, that we were finally going to be allowed to be parents.

“ I didn’t feel labour pains. I felt the incredible pain of emptiness in my heart and home as my wife and I feared to begin our family through adoption.”

She goes on to describe how she spent many sleepless nights pouring over adoption profiles, facing painful rejections over and over again, and lying awake praying for them to “be next.”

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“You said, ‘You can’t possibly understand that feeling.’ I feel certain you have absolutely no idea.”

She caps off her post saying, “Not every experience is your experience. Not every mother is a mother because she gave birth. Not every child is yours or a ‘part of you’ because you grew it inside you. My child will always be a part of me, because we’re fighting for this life together.”

And if the Facebook troll still disagrees, she has another message for her: “F–k you. I’m a mom.”

(Photo: Giphy)
(Photo: Giphy)

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Her post went viral on Reddit, receiving hundreds of comments.

It may be vulgar but it’s far nicer than telling someone they’re not a real parent to a child they’re raising as a parent,” wrote one.

People like that aren’t even worth your time. I think if someone is willing to say something like that, then they don’t get it and aren’t going to. I mean, dads don’t give birth. Pretty sure they are still parents,” wrote another.

Some even shared their personal stories of adoption in the comments.

I was adopted, the only person I see as my mom is the woman who raised me,” shared one commenter. “I don’t [care] about the woman who pushed me out of her body. She didn’t love me, she didn’t raise me, she didn’t feed me, soothe me at night. My mom did.”

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