Mom shares daughter's near drowning experience as warning to other parents


“I am a horrible mum,” says Siobhan Rennie in an Instagram post.

The blogger and mother of two recently shared a terrifying experience she had with her two kids during bath time as a warning to other parents.

“I’m sitting here sobbing great big fat tears. I’ve just done the worst thing.”

“Tonight, I put Harry and Aoife in the bath together, played with them for a bit, then remembered I had washing to put away.”

Figuring the two would be okay for just a minute, she quickly whipped out of the room to deal with the laundry.

“I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, just a tiny bit of splashing,” she says.

But by the time she came back into the bathroom, she discovered that her youngest, Aoife, was under the water struggling to breath.

“I went back to the bathroom maybe 15-30 seconds later (I really have no idea, it was very quick) and Aoife was under water flailing around. Harry was laughing. I grabbed her so fast out of that bath and held her to me…she was coughing and screaming. Harry suddenly realised she wasn’t playing and his face fell…”

While traumatizing, Rennie decided to share the experience, feeling it served as a good reminder to parents that children should never be left unattended in the bathroom — particularly when there is water involved.

“I’ve thought long and hard about whether I wanted to share it. I know what some people will think about what I did. But what’s more important than that is what I want you all to keep in mind and be aware of.”

Rennie’s followers were quick to show the mom their support, many sharing similar stories of near incidents.

“I’ve been in the room when that’s happened too- babe slipped under water.. everything goes in slow motion.. you grab them, pull them soaking wet onto you. I turn my back in bathroom or wash my other daughter’s hair in bath and just like that, baby has gone under. That’s happened about 4 times maybe with this babe,” shared one commenter.

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