Why this mom is sharing a photo she 'hates'

Image via Instagram/@houseofwhite_

For many of us, body image can disturb the way we feel about ourselves. You could be having the time of your life: sprawled out on a beach, spending time with loved ones; but someone snaps a candid shot that fails to capture your “good side.” Despite the epic day you’ve had, you hide that photo away, forgetting it and the memory it encompassed.

That’s what almost happened to House of White blogger Olivia White. An Australian mom who grew a following for sharing body-positive posts and fun parenting tips.

For White, self-acceptance is an important concept — that’s what led her to share a photo from a recent vacation, even though she didn’t like it.


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“I didn’t post this photo while we were away because I hated how my stomach looked,” she wrote on Instagram. “As much as I try to be self confident and be positive about my appearance, it’s not just a switch and one day you’re completely 110 per cent OK with yourself.”

The mom-of-two said that although she loves her body and all it’s capable of doing, we all have our good and bad days. White reminded us that “you can’t stop, especially when you have little eyes watching you.” She said as a woman, it can be difficult to constantly remind ourselves we’re “amazing no matter what anyone else or your own brain tries to trick you into thinking.”


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The Melbourne based mom said despite not feeling entirely confident about the photo, it was “a beautiful moment between my daughter and I, a memory I want to treasure forever and nothing can ruin that.”

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