Mom sheds 150 lbs. after kicking her candy addiction

(Photo: Judith Pallanza/Facebook).

A clinically obese mom who ate 4,000 calories worth of confectionary mints per day appears unrecognizable after losing a whopping 150 lbs.

Judith Pallanza, 34, hit a 330 lb. peak weight before deciding to undergo some life-changing adjustments. Before her transformation, Pallanza admits to eating more than two pounds of mint candy per day, along with large bowls of wheat cereals.

“My whole adult life I have been big and it’s always got me down. Especially when I had kids as I struggled to run around after them,” Pallanza told an Australian news outlet.

“But I loved the feeling of having food in my mouth. When it wasn’t there, I’d feel restless and upset.”

Doctors prescribed the mom of four with an appetite suppressant that eventually led to her first massive weight drop. But when the drug was banned from the market due to health safety, Pallanza found herself in a familiar predicament.

(Photo: Caters News/Facebook).

“I tried dieting but was constantly up and down. It was at my heaviest of 150 kg. (330 lbs.) when a photo of me by the beach in Fiji on my honeymoon, made me realize how bad my weight had got.

“I knew I needed help and eventually my doctor suggested surgery. It changed everything, most importantly my mindset.”

Taking on the medical advice, Pallanza underwent a gastric sleeve operation. She managed to kick her sugary food habits and eventually dropped almost half her weight.

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Despite her incredible transformation, Judith says she endured feelings of shame after being left with an “apron” of excess skin that she’d tuck into her underwear.

“I was left with this unsightly, flappy apron of skin. My once full DD cup breasts were like deflated balloons and I was desperately down and depressed.”

“My now ex-husband saw how badly it was affecting me, and stumped up the $50,000 I needed to have the skin surgery,” she said.

(Photo: Caters news/Facebook).

“After surgeons cut off my ghastly apron, I had a body I was extremely proud of.”

Today — more than a year after the procedure — Pallanza weighs in at 174 lbs.

“Best of all, I’ve finally beaten my addiction to food. I don’t think I could ever eat another Mintie again.”

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