Mom slams popular toy after daughter's 'traumatic' accident: 'I had an out-of-body experience'

Katie Mather
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Bunchems balls are sparking more backlash and complaints after yet another parent spent hours pulling the sticky toys out of her daughter’s hair.

Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle shared photos of the debacle on Facebook and captioned the photos with “I post the good … well, here is some of the bad.”

According to Hoelzle, her two young kids were playing in the basement when her son, Noah, came running upstairs to announce that his sister, Abigail, had something stuck in her hair.

But when Abigail came upstairs, it was evident that Noah had severely undersold the situation.

“I had an out-of-body experience,” Hoelzle wrote. “Noah had poured a container of Bunchems on Abigail’s head.”

Credit: Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle / Facebook
Credit: Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle / Facebook

For anyone unfamiliar with Bunchems, all you really need to know is that the first suggestion when you Google “Bunchems” is “Bunchems in hair.” That’s because these spiky toys are notorious for getting matted into long hair.

“She had about 150 of these things layered and matted in her hair,” Hoelzle continued. “It took me three hours to get out 15.”

Apparently, Abigail and Noah had tried pulling out some of the Bunchems before running to their mom, but their attempts caused some of the Bunchems to connect to one another — inside Abigail’s hair.

“After 20 hours total after pulling and working them out of her head and lots of hair loss, I got them all out,” Hoelzle said. “Followed by an hour or more in the bathtub with conditioner and combing out the knots.”

The mom was thankful that she managed to avoid cutting off all of her daughter’s hair. Hoelzle even joked that she was more upset about the situation than Abigail.

“We will never forget [the] very traumatic experience in the Hoelzle household this weekend,” she added. “You better believe I am calling the company tomorrow.”

Credit: Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle / Facebook
Credit: Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle / Facebook

Hoelzle admitted that she didn’t think her phone call would do much, but her Facebook post, meanwhile, got plenty of attention. Her photos went viral online, and her warning was covered by several outlets.

“This just gave me so much anxiety,” one user commented on Hoelzle’s Facebook post.

“What a catastrophe,” another added. “Bless you for staying calm and not just taking the buzzers to her head. I think that’s what I would have done.”

“They were designed by the devil himself,” another joked.

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