Get a jump on the 2020 election with 'Monopoly House Divided' (exclusive)

The box and board for the latest Monopoly edition House Divided. (Photo: Hasbro)

From Game of Thrones to Star Wars, Hasbro has a Monopoly board to suit everyone’s particular pop culture fixation. And in 2020, there’s no bigger cultural event than the U.S. presidential election. So it’s only logical that Hasbro has picked this moment to wade into politics with Monopoly House Divided, an election-themed edition of the venerable board game franchise. Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive first look at House Divided, which will be available at all major retailers for $19.99.

The box art for Monopoly House Divided. (Photo: Hasbro)

Echoing America’s own divided politics, House Divided splits the traditional Monopoly board between red and blue. At the top of the game, players find out which political party they belong to via the choice of a game token and corresponding Candidate Card. After that, you’ll pick you player piece — options include the obligatory donkey and elephant, as well as a flag, an eagle and a peace sign — and hit the campaign trail trying to pick up votes instead of properties. While you’re generally encouraged to vote with your designated party, the road to the White House might involve making the unpopular choice every now and then.

The Monopoly House Divided board features election-themed playing pieces and states in places of properties. (Photo: Hasbro)

Other election-themed gameplay elements featured in House Divided include the Executive Power space, where you can give voters a taste of your presidential policies; “I Voted” cards to initiate a mid-game election between rival candidates; and Fundraiser spaces that require you to pony up some of your own cash. Acquire (and keep) that elusive White House token and you’ll pick up 10 extra votes when the game wraps up. This year, be sure to vote with your wallet and add Monopoly House Divided to your board game cabinet.

Monopoly House Divided is available at major retailers like Walmart.

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