Monty Don inundated with support as he shares major announcement

Monty Don
Monty Don (Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Gardeners' World star Monty Don delighted fans at the weekend with a fresh glimpse of his brand-new book.

Taking to Instagram, the horticulturist and TV star, 68, uploaded a video of himself clutching his latest project in all its lime green splendour.

Addressing his followers, Monty said: "This has arrived today. It's my new gardening book that I spent the last year working on, and it's called The Gardening Book and will be published in a month's time but is available for pre-order right now."

He went on to say: "It's aimed at all those people who aren't gardeners and don't know much about gardening but would love to have some kind of garden as part of their lives, whether it's on a windowsill, in a small patch in the middle of a city, or even a large expansive ground in the country.

monty don holding new book
The TV star has written a new book (Instagram)

"It doesn't matter what your situation is, you can always improve the quality of your life by making some kind of garden that pleases you. And this book is intended to be a help to do just that."

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Fans and friends flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts, with one excited follower writing: "Sounds great Monty! The main thing is to stay in touch with nature, no matter the size of your garden!" while another chimed in: "Congratulations Monty! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy."

Monty Don received his OBE in 2018
Monty Don received his OBE in 2018 (Getty)

Delighted by the news, a third added: "I have all of your books and will be buying this one too. You are a source of pure inspiration when it comes to gardening!" and a fourth commented: "Aw lovely. It will help so many people. Keep up the fab work!"

Monty Don and Sarah Don at National Portrait Gallery book signings in 2016
Monty Don and Sarah Don at National Portrait Gallery book signings in 2016 (Nick Harvey/Shutterstock)

Monty and his wife Sarahhave lived in the same property for over 30 years, and the presenter has dedicated a lot of time to transforming his outdoor space over the years.

When the family first moved into their home, the garden consisted of a two-acre abandoned field, with just one tree. After a lot of hard work, Monty revamped the land and created four separate spaces within the garden, each with their own names: The Cottage Garden, The Jewel Garden, The Paradise Garden and The Vegetable Garden.

Monty Don in his Longmeadow garden on Gardeners' World
Monty Don in his Longmeadow garden on Gardeners' World (BBC)

Opening up about the transformation on his website, Monty wrote: "The planting began in earnest in Spring '93 and has never really ceased since. The changes have been dramatic and may seem astonishing to some.

"But in my mind that early field with its pattern of woven fences protecting the little plants, so small yet filled with dreams, still remains beneath the skin, is still there beneath all the years."

monty don holding dog called ned
The TV star with his beloved dog Ned (Instagram)

Much to the delight of fans, Monty is regularly joined on TV by his beloved canine clan: dogs Nell, Patti and Ned. Their latest furry addition to the family came two years after the author's dog called Nigel sadly passed away after suddenly falling ill.