Mookie Betts personally flew Chris Archer to the All-Star Game in a jet

Mookie Betts flew Chris Archer to Miami. Himself. In a plane. (Twitter)

It’s All-Star week in baseball, so players from every team in baseball have been pouring into Miami for the festivities. Boston Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts and Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer are two of those players, and they arrived in Miami by plane on Sunday. Sounds normal, right? But it definitely wasn’t. Because the two of them arrived on a plane piloted by Mookie Betts himself.

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The Red Sox and the Rays were in Tampa on Sunday finishing out a four-game series, and because he’s a nice guy, Mookie probably asked his friend Chris if he wanted a ride to Miami. And Mookie seems like a fun guy and a great traveling companion, so why would Archer say no? Well…

Yup, apparently Mookie has his pilot’s license, or he’s in the process of getting it, because he put Chris Archer on a plane and flew him to Miami. (And they got there safe and sound.)

There’s a bit of a mystery in that tweet from Archer, though. He said he was “mad” at Mookie. Archer cleared it up when he posted a video on Instagram, but since their teams played each other on Sunday, it’s not too hard to figure out why.

Yup, Mookie Betts hit a lead-off home run off of Chris Archer in Sunday’s game. But if you needed proof that baseball players from different teams can be friends even when their teams play each other, here it is. Mookie took Archer deep, and hours later they were taking a plane together, piloted by Mookie himself. And isn’t that what the All-Star Game is all about?

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