Moose licks man’s hand after he helped it in Canada. See the ‘rare and amazing’ moment

A bull moose showed up in a Canada yard — in costume, video posted to TikTok shows.

The moose had a mask of mesh-like Halloween decorations stuck over his antlers and covering his eyes, the Oct. 22 video shows. He needed a little help removing it to regain his eyesight.

So, residents stepped in to do just that. The video starts out showing someone using a pole to try to pull the decorations off the moose’s face.

“When you see a moose with Halloween decoration stuck on his face,” a caption over the video says.

The pole method didn’t appear to work. The video then shows another person reaching over a chain-link fence between him and the moose to tug at the decorations.

The moose lowers his nose to the ground and backs up to yank the mesh free of his antlers. Once he’s free, he steps back up to the fence to give his rescuer’s hand a sniff — and then a quick lick through the fence.

“He says thanks guys!” the person recording the video says.

The video then shows the moose close up as he reaches his nose over the fence so his rescuer can pet his face. When someone else tries to pet him, the moose backs up and turns his antlers toward them.

“Oh, I didn’t help. I’m sorry,” that person says to the moose.

Several people shared their disbelief at the sweet moment in the comments.

“He really seemed to understand what you were doing,” someone said.

“It sure seemed like it!” the TikToker who posted the video agreed.

Another person said as a native Canadian, “you have no idea how rare and amazing this interaction was.”

Another Canadian also weighed in.

“This was the most dangerous yet amazing encounter I’ve ever seen,” they said. “As a Canadian, this was amazing to watch. Beautiful that he knew you were helping.”

Others joked and commented from the moose’s point of view.

“He’s like ‘yeah you guys are cool, you get pet privileges,’” someone said.

“The best part!” the video creator said. “He only let one person touch him tho! We tried.”

“You saved me. I shall reward you with one Disney Princess moment. No more. No less,” someone else added.

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