‘Morning Joe’ Says ‘Loving America Would Be Easier’ for Trump, but Instead He Hates It | Video

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough berated Donald Trump following his Super Tuesday speech in which he claimed that world leaders are concerned about the United States.

Calling the 2020 election “a tragedy,” Trump called the U.S. “a third-world country at our borders” and “at our elections” on Tuesday.

Scarborough responded on “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, saying, “That guy lied time and time and time again. He can’t help himself. Even as old fat Elvis, even exhausted, even with his mind blinking, even with him not knowing what President he’s running against, even with him not knowing who the Speaker of the House was on January the sixth … that guy still lost. Lost and confused and lying.”

The MSNBC host then proceeded to poke holes in Trump’s speech.

“He said our borders are chaotic. Why are our borders chaotic?” Scarborough noted. “Could it be that Donald Trump said, ‘Don’t pass the largest, toughest border bill ever?’ that the people that actually guarding the border were begging Republicans in the House to pass?”

Cohost Mika Brzezinski added, “And that Joe Biden offered to the Republicans bipartisan legislation?”

Scarborough also stressed that crime is at a 50-year low and that unemployment is at its lowest since the 1960s in the United States.

“The lies just continue. He hates on America, when loving America would be easier,” Scarborough concluded. “He hates on America when loving America would be telling the truth about America.”

MSNBC hosted another panel to fact-check the former president’s remarks following Super Tuesday, in which Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid picked Trump apart.

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