‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump Mix-Ups Show How His Mindset is ‘Fossilized’ in 2016: ‘Like a Bug Preserved in Amber’ | Video

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” picked apart the moments in Donald Trump’s campaign speeches in which he confuses who he’s running against, saying the former president is “fossilized” in 2016 like a “bug preserved in amber.”

Monday’s edition of “Morning Joe” kicked off with a montage of clips from the former president’s campaign trail, in which he confused Biden with Obama and Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi. Co-host Joe Scarborough said that Trump confusing Haley for former House Speaker Pelosi was “disturbing.”

“She wasn’t even in government,” the co-host added. “So the confusion just continues.”

“We’re talking about the fact that time and time and time again,” Scarborough continued, “as Ron DeSantis said, [Trump] lost more than a step and as Nikki Haley says, is really confused up there. She says that our kids deserve better than somebody that doesn’t know where they are what they’re doing.”

Scarborough noted that as you watch Trump’s speeches, “he struggles as he starts to say Obama and then he cuts himself off because his mind is going, wait, is Obama really President? What decade am I in?”

“I can tell you Joe Biden knows where he is. He knows what decade he’s in. He sure as hell knows who he’s running against,” Scarborough said. “There’s just really no comparison here.”

Scarborough then called out those who question Biden’s cognitive ability to be president again, “You want to talk about who’s addled? This is an easy one. Let’s talk about who’s addled. And who’s addled is a guy who can’t even remember that Barack Obama hasn’t been President of the United States in eight years.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski then noted that it could also be the “mountain of legal action against this man, just crushing him and making him so stressed that he’s he’s literally confused.”

Jonathan Lemire chimed in saying, “And of course, he launched his political career on the back of the racist lie of birtherism, which, of course, involves Barack Obama.”

“Much of his 2015, 2016 campaign was against the Obama, Hillary Clinton access to the Democratic Party,” Lemire noted.

“Anyone who spends any time with Trump his close advisers acknowledge he’s sort of almost fossilized with 2016, like a bug preserved in amber, if you will,” Lemire continued.

“2016 was sort of that definitive race for him and even in 2020, he would repeat word-for-word, stories on the campaign trail that he told for years before,” Lemire added. “He’s just never moved past 2016.”

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