Morning Joe’ Torches DOJ Report on Biden’s ‘Poor’ Memory: ‘Politically Charged … So Gratuitous’ | Video

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” laid out the Department of Justice’s report on Biden’s alleged memory loss, which the co-hosts consider to be “politically charged,” and “so gratuitous.”

Although the report, announced with remarks from special counsel for the Justice Department Robert Hur, said that the President was exonerated from charges for his possession of classified documents, the reasoning was because of Biden’s “poor memory.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said Hur, “goes on to write that the President’s actions, ‘present serious risks to national security.’ But then later in the report, Hur conceded that the evidence ‘does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt, beyond a reasonable doubt.’”

“The Special Counsel wrote that the President could also portray himself at trial as an elderly man with a poor memory who would be sympathetic to a jury,” Brzezinski added.

“A neurologist and a lawyer,” co-host Joe Scarborough quipped. “Hur from Trump University.”

Scarborough then said, “There’s so many people that immediately heard these random conclusions, irrelevant conclusions, politically charged, Trump-like ramblings, who, first of all wondered, why in the world he would put that in the report, his neurological assessment of Joe Biden.”

“Secondly, why Merrick Garland would release garbage like that and the Justice Department report,” Scarborough continued.

“It did seem gratuitous to a lot of people,” panelist Ken Dilanian added.

However, Dilanian continued that Hur has to explain that “the larger context here is that Mr. Biden has forgotten a lot of things. He forgot the dates that he was vice president. According to this report, he forgot at one point during the interview, when his son died.”

“Robert felt like he had no choice I’m told, but to lay out in detail the fault he found with Joe Biden’s memory and explain how that would be perceived in front of a jury,” Dilanian said.

“It’s so gratuitous,” Scarborough said. “It certainly seemed like a politically charged document.”

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