“Morning Show” stars react to being recast as “And Just Like That” characters: 'If I'm not Miranda, I'm going home'

“Morning Show” stars react to being recast as “And Just Like That” characters: 'If I'm not Miranda, I'm going home'

Karen Pittman reveals her "3 Rounds" decisions on the SAG Awards red carpet.

Decisions made while downing cocktails can come back to haunt you… Or, in Karen Pittman’s case, to haunt your castmates.

On the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly's 3 Rounds video series, the two-time Screen Actors Guild Award nominee made bold choices while recasting her The Morning Show costars as characters in her other hit series, And Just Like That. So it only makes sense that she fess up to those decisions with her cast members present.

While walking the red carpet for the 2024 SAG Awards, EW's Patrick Gomez and PEOPLE's Janine Rubenstein asked Pittman to recount her casting choices to her Morning Show costars Mark Duplass, Theo Iyer, and Nestor Carbonell.

“What’d you do to me? What did you do?” Duplass pressed, interrupting before his new role was revealed to say, “If I’m not Miranda, I’m going home.”

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Frazer Harrison/Getty ; HBO MAX; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Though Duplass didn’t get to follow in Cynthia Nixon’s footsteps, he was ultimately pleased when Pittman reveals that she slotted him into the role of Aidan, Carrie Bradshaw’s longtime paramour and former fiance.

“You know what? I’m okay with it,” Duplass said. “He’s dependable… He’s definitely second choice. And if you can’t go Big, you go Aidan. That’s what you do. I’m cool with it.

Pittman admitted the choice was largely based on his Morning Show character, who works with his hands. “I thought that Chip would be a carpenter in another life,” she said. “It was really Chip, it wasn’t you.”

“It’s the mustache,” Carbonell chimed in to say, hinting that the carpenter energy may be rooted in Duplass’ facial hair.

You can see their full reaction in the video above.

So, according to Pittman, who would Duplass’ Aidan come in second place to? None other than Alex Levy herself, Jennifer Anniston.

“I chose Jen as Big,” Pittman said, earning immediate agreement from her costars. “She is, because she’s got that energy.”

During her 3 Rounds, Pittman got a little more specific about the power that Big and Aniston share: “Jen has that big personality, like she could take care of.... She has that big dick energy thing, and that’s Big,” she said.

As for where the rest of the Morning Show gang lands, Pittman envisioned Billy Crudup as “crazy genius” Carrie Bradshaw, Nicole Beharie as Seema, Reese Witherspoon as Charlotte, Mindy Kaling as Lisa, Marcia Gay Harden as Che, and herself as Samantha.

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