Mosaic depicting legendary Greek gods uncovered by amateur archaeologists

Aris Folley,

A mosaic depicting some of history's most iconic heroes was unearthed by archaeologists in Great Britain.  

The 1,600-year-old mosaic was found inside the ruins of a Roman villa that depicts the Greek gods Hercules, Cupid and mythological hero Bellerophon, who was known as the greatest hero before Hercules came along.

See more photos of the dig here:

Excavators from Cotswold Archaeology, alongside Boxford History Project and the Berkshire Archeology Research Group, made the discovery.  

It was found in the West Berkshire village of Boxford. 

They also found a large villa with a bath house in 2015, as well as the remains of a farm in 2016, but the recent mosaic discovery was very unexpected.

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Roman expert Neil Holbrook said that whoever's home it was, they wanted “ project an image of themselves as a cultivated person of taste – someone familiar with classical mythology and high Roman culture,” according to a report in Cotsworld Archaeology.

Mosaic expert Anthony Beeson also says, “This is without question the most exciting mosaic discovery made in Britain in the last 50 years and must take a premier place amongst those Romano-British works of art that have come down to modern Britons.”