The most outlandish products in Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2023 Goop gift guide

The most outlandish products in Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2023 Goop gift guide

With the end of the spooky season getting closer, this means the start of holiday shopping. To mark the time of year, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop has released its 2023 holiday gift guide to help shoppers out. And, of course, the annual list is not without its unusual suggestions you may otherwise never think to purchase.

Similar to last year’s guide, the business’s team of buyers and editors have spent many months “seeking out and testing options, so when the holiday season rolls around, we’re ready”. The gifts are divided into 10 subcategories to make browsing easier, including one with gifts under $100 for those shopping on a budget.

Other categories include: “the wellness gift guide,” “the lover’s gift guide,” “the men’s gift guide,” “the forward to your SO gift guide,” “the traveller’s gift guide,” “the cook’s gift guide,” “the host’s gift guide,” “the kid’s gift guide,” and the “ridiculous but awesome gift guide.”

The last category is typically one that suggests gifts that make a statement. For example, there’s the Inez 24 karat gold g-spot vibrator for $15,000. The category also features a $2,000 gong for any musicians who might need one, or, if you’d rather receive more personal gong recommendations and test out different ones, you can also purchase a $200 gong exploration workshop where you can “find your perfect gong, with one-on-one guidance from a gong master”.

For the foodie in your life, another item on the “ridiculous but awesome” gift guide has a $396 piece of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese that has been aged for 24 months, or two years. Another option might be the antique escargot pics which come in a little glass carrier shaped just like a snail for $567.

If you’re less of a foodie, and more of a chef, the gift guide has typical suggestions like new pots and an oven timer, along with the very specific $127 tortilla starter kit for those looking to stop using the pre-made ones at the grocery store.

As for the lover’s guide, Goop claims to have women covered, as there are various lingerie and vibrator options, including one $119 showerhead and another vibrator available for $165 that doubles as a necklace.

For those looking for a gift for their dad, brother, or uncle, there are also gift suggestions exclusively for men. The suggestions are mostly stereotypical of what you’d expect, as a razor is listed along with whiskey tumblers and cologne. If none of those suggestions seem to work, there is always the $195 dual-USB power supply extension cord, which will always come in handy.

And in case you are shopping on a budget, Goop has you covered with its “under $100” guide. This year’s list includes various wellness products such as skin and hair care products, some fitness products, and ornaments for your Christmas tree. But, there were also some products that were a bit more unusual, such as a $45 pack of straws, a $95 set of cheese knives, and a $28 dreidel shaped like a pomegranate.

You can find Goop’s 2023 holiday gift guide here.