Most Strapless Bras Disappoint, But This Lively One Does Not

Nikki Ogunnaike
Photo credit: Courtesy of lively

From Redbook

As a woman who wears a 32DD bra, I've resigned myself to the fact that most strapless bras are trash. They slip, fall, and engage me in a constant game of tug o' war that I simply do not want to play. Especially when it's 90 degrees. And until a month ago, I just dealt with it. But then I found Lively's Wireless Strapless Bra.

Well, more like Lively found me. Asked to test the bra that boasted of a waistlist of thousands, I took the chance. I'm a fan of the brand's no-wire busty bralette, so I figured, why not?

Now that I've worn it for a while, I can confidently say I'm so happy I jumped at the opportunity. The bra is smooth, has four eye and hook closures across the band, a no-slip strip across the top of the cups, and lays flat (but not smushed!) against my chest. Light padding gives the bra a nice shape without looking too bulky under summer-y fabrics, plus, it holds up nicely when under boob sweat starts to hit (hey, it is summer!).

Sized in a 32A to 38DD and priced at $35, I can see why a ton of women are clamoring to get their hands on one. I may have to pick up a few more for myself, as it's become a go-to that I wear in New York City and pack when I travel. Teamed with Lively's busty bralette, this one-two combo is all I need in my summer lingerie arsenal.

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