Use A Muffin Tin So There's No Debate Over The Last Slice Of Apple Pie

Mini pumpkin and pecan pies
Mini pumpkin and pecan pies - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Pie is part of the American fabric and there aren't many people out there that don't have an appetite for pie. This is why mini pies are your best friend when your sister puts you in charge of desserts for Thanksgiving Day dinner or your best friend talks you into bringing the sweet element for book club. Creating mini pies instead of one big pie allows you to use the berries, apples, and nuts you have on hand to make a variety of these miniature pastries to appeal to a wide range of taste buds.

But if you plan on making mini versions of some of your favorites, you should break out the muffin tin. This is because this pan is designed specifically for muffins and cupcakes, and creates the perfect-sized, handheld mini pies. You still need to make your pie dough and fruity or nutty fillings, but everything is going to be on a smaller scale.

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Slice The Fruit Smaller Than Normal

Cherry pies in muffin tin
Cherry pies in muffin tin - PhotoFlambe/Shutterstock

If apple pie is your go-to for these mini pies, consider pre-cooking the filling before you fill your unbaked pie crust. This will allow the pie dough to bake and form a beautiful flaky crust without burning while the apple filling avoids being undercooked. It also removes the chance of the filling being too watery, which will make for a soggy pie crust. Of course, regardless if you are making an apple, strawberry, blueberry, or mixed berry pie, make certain to slice up the fruit smaller than you would if you were making a normal-sized pie.

Making miniature pies doesn't come without its challenges. Because these smaller versions use less dough and less filling, they bake a little differently. The filling tends to boil over onto the tin, making it difficult to get them out of the cookware. Additionally, the amount of dough you get with a mini pie is going to be significantly less than a normal one. But if you are able to navigate these issues, you will produce some delicious pies using your muffin tin.

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