'The Mummy' Star Says Tom Cruise Saved Her Life

The Mummy star Annabelle Wallis stopped by Access Hollywood and told a harrowing tale of why she credits Tom Cruise with saving her life. It all happened while filming that incredible scene she and Cruise shot in zero gravity.

Photo: Universal

Wallis explained that they had to do 64 takes, and on one of them, something went terribly wrong. While in zero gravity, she had to put on a pack. On this particular take, a wire got stuck around her neck, which could have killed her on the return to gravity.

“When you return to gravity, it returns at double the force. And I was stuck by my neck, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to choke to death,’” Wallis said.

With the countdown started and just a few seconds to go, she let Cruise know that she was stuck, and naturally he sprung into action.

“So in classic Tom Cruise mode, he goes, ‘Annabelle, I got you.’ One. Boom. And we landed,” Wallis said. “And he did, he saved my life. So I’m very thankful to him.”

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