Mysterious Drake tattoos appear to commemorate Steph Curry and Kevin Durant

Drake has absolutely no shame about bandwagoning two of the NBA’s top teams.

Drake is the biggest celebrity hanger-on in pro sports. If Lamborghini made Murcielago bandwagons, Drake would splurge on a garage full of them.Onn Tuesday, an Instagram photo of Drake posing in a game-worn St. Vincent St. Mary LeBron James jersey came out of left field.

However, a stunning observation made by ESPN editor Jovan Buha about a pair of faint tattoos on his left arm examined Drake’s arm with more vigor than Tom Hanks in a Dan Brown novel adaption, attempting to determine whether a pair of his tats were made in homage to honor Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.

The answer is a resounding yes. The SNIPER text underneath the 35 is an incredibly obscure reference to Durant’s previous twitter handle, @easymoneysniper. The Gifted ink beneath the 30 refers to a reference to Curry in “Still Here” on Views,  “Hittin’ like that 30 on my jersey, man, I’m gifted.”

In addition, both 30 and 35 tattoos are etched in the same Copperplate font that the Warriors use.

No one is sure exactly when these tats showed up on Drake’s arm, but they appear to have been inked sometime during last season. It may seem entirely innocent now, but Drake has been loyal to James for years. He hung outside of Mimi Heat locker rooms like he was following them on tour throughout the Heatles era, but the Warriors have been his greatest existential threat.

This is worse than Durant signing with the team that eliminated him in the Western Conference Finals. Rocking James’ high school jersey, serving as an ambassador for the team with the second-best record in the East, while flashin’ Durant and Curry commemorative tats is the worst example of playing both sides of the fence.

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