Nail artists share 7 nail trends that are in and 6 that are out this spring

  • Insider asked a nail technician and a manicurist to share trends that are in and out this spring.

  • The recently popular French ombré is replacing the classic French manicure.

  • On the other hand, accent nails and longer shapes are fading out of style.

Pastel shades are perfect for spring.

Pastel green manicure on female hand.
Pastels offer brightness to your look after months of winter.Minszka / Shutterstock

Soft, pastel shades are a great way to add some color to your nails without being overly bold, according to Tan Tran, owner and lead nail technician at VIP Nails & Spa in Anchorage, Alaska.

Pastel shades are perfect for spring and a great way to brighten up your look.

"This has been a very hot style in the past few weeks as our community celebrates the early days of spring," he told Insider.

Dried-flower nails are a striking new trend.

Natural pink and white nails decorated with dried flowers on a white background.
Adding dried flowers to your nails is a fun and unique way to ring in the new season.Rabbitzthanya / Shutterstock

Dried-flower nails offer another look that's perfect for spring, according to Tran.

"This nail-art style involves adding real dried flowers onto your nails to create a unique and natural look," he said.

Though it's a bit more complex of a style, it's a striking and surprising way to show off a new look.

Pearlescent finishes add a romantic look to your nails.

Glitter pearlescent nail polish manicure.
Pearlescent polish offers a subtle luminosity to your nails.Dev_Maryna / Shutterstock

Pearlescent finishes are another popular nail style, according to Braelinn Frank, manicurist and founder of Rave Nailz.

"This trend adds a soft shimmer to your nails that can change colors depending on how the light hits," she told Insider.

It's perfect for creating a dreamy and romantic look.

French manicures with a twist are all the rage this season.

Ombré hot pink and light pink.
French ombré is an alluring variant of the French-tip style.Quynh Ly / Shutterstock

French ombré is a new twist on the classic French manicure, according to Tran, and it's one that's going strong this season.

"French ombré fades from a light to a darker shade of the same color," he said. "This is perfect for those who want a subtle, chic look."

French manicures have been a constant craze for decades, but Frank told Insider the traditional white tips are being replaced with bold and bright colors.

"This twist on the classic style is fun and trendy while still being sophisticated," she said.

Rainbow nails are fun and playful.

Bright manicure design with multi-colored nail polish.
Rainbow nails bring a lively feel to an ensemble.Catherine.Things / Shutterstock

Rainbow nails are a great choice for anyone who wants to show off a more colorful side this season.

"Similar to the pastel nails, we're also seeing customers do this as a way to celebrate the new season," Tran told Insider.

This trend is all about creating a fun and playful look with vibrant colors.

Shimmer and glitter nail polishes are great options for a special occasion.

Female hand with beige glitter nail design.
Sparkles and glitter will still be popular this season.Dev_Maryna / Shutterstock

"Shimmer and glitter nail polish continue to be on-trend this season, adding a touch of sparkle to nails," Tran told Insider.

He added that the style is particularly popular with customers who are preparing for a night out or a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Minimalist designs offer a subtle yet stylish look.

Manicured female hands holding white coffee cup with violet nails and minimalistic design.
Using negative space for a minimalistic is starting to replace intricate nail designs.Yanishevska / Shutterstock

"Minimalist designs that use negative space or simple shapes will be a trend for spring 2023," Frank told Insider.

The trend is especially perfect for those who want a subtle yet stylish look, the nail artist said, as it's a great alternative to busy and intricate designs.

On the other hand, long nails have seen their day.

Hand with long french manicured nails and a purple Iris flower in the background.
Short, oval nails offer more practicality than long nails.Natkinzu / Shutterstock

Though long nails have been a trend for a while, people are needing a more practical and comfortable nail shape, according to Frank.

As a replacement, the manicurist recommended opting for short, oval nails.

"They are practical and easy to maintain, and they are a great option for people who lead an active lifestyle," she told Insider. "Save the long press-on nails for the weekend."

Accent nails are outdated.

Light pink manicure and black marble accent on the ring finger.
The popularity of accent nails has been declining.yaKate / Shutterstock

"Accent nails — where one nail is painted differently from the others — have become outdated," Frank told Insider.

Instead, she recommended trying a more cohesive look by using complementary colors or patterns on every nail.

Pointy, or stiletto, nails aren't very practical.

Stiletto nail shape with gel polish in blue and purple.
Stiletto-shaped nails are no longer as trendy this season due to impracticality.Huan N. Phan / Shutterstock

Pointy nails, also known as stilettos, were fairly popular in recent years. But they're going out of style this season, according to Tran.

"These nails can be uncomfortable and can look too dramatic for everyday wear, so our customers have been opting for curvier and/or straighter styles this season," he said.

Chrome nails are being replaced by iridescent finishes.

Mirror chrome on nails.
Iridescent nails are set to take over the flashy chrome look.Wasana Suwanno / Shutterstock

Chrome nails were a previously popular trend, but are becoming a thing of the past, according to Frank.

"As a replacement, try iridescent nails for a more futuristic and playful look," she told Insider.

Iridescent polish is typically glossy and vibrant and can change colors depending on the angle of the light.

Matte nails are heading out of style.

Matte wine manicure.
Matte-finish nails are out this spring.alicasevcikova / Shutterstock

After some strong seasons recently, matte nails are starting to lose their popularity, according to Tran.

"Shiny and glossy nails are more in fashion right now," he told Insider.

Animal print is being replaced by pastels and minimalist designs.

Nude, leopard-print, short nails
Minimalist designs will overshadow animal-print nails this spring.girlievenus / Shutterstock

Though the trend isn't completely over, animal-print nails are starting to take a backseat to other designs, according to Tran.

"Our customers have been opting for other styles, as animal-print nails can be too bold for everyday wear," he told Insider.

The nail artist recommended replacing animal prints with pastels or minimalist nail designs.

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