Nail the Perfect Cat Eye (in 1-Second Flat!) with This Beauty Tool

Erin Lukas

Credit: Matteo Valle/Getty

If trying to draw on the perfect feline-flick always leaves your eyes red, watery, and ready to cancel on your friends via a message in your group text, Vamp Stamp is the answer to making it on-time to all future evening plans.

The tool is the brainchild of Veronica Lorenz, makeup artist and one of the co-creators of the game-changing original BeautyBlender. Sure the tool would save Lorenz some time with herr celeb clients like Sofia Vergara, but its incarnation also came out of practicality. "Three years ago I lost the feeling in both of my hands and partial use of them due to a benign cervical spinal cord tumor. To lose the ability to easily do makeup, something I truly love to do, was a life changer for me," she tells InStyle. "As a result, I am always searching for methods to make the application process more accessible with a significant loss of dexterity. What comes from that is that it makes application easier for everyone, so that is the icing on the cake!"

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Here's how it works: Coat the stamp with your favorite eyeliner--Lorenz recommends a non-waterproof gel or liquid formula--and line it up to the outer corner of your eye. Next, choose the angle you want your cat eye to be and stamp it--it's really that easy. To complete the look, you'll have to connect the stamped wing to the line you drew on your waterline but the two-step process is worth it for a precise, dramatic wing.

Although Vamp Stamp is extremely user-friendly for novices and pros, expect to practice a bit when you first pick up the tool. "The learning curve is really only about placement, motion, and making sure the stamp has a sufficient deposit of ink on it," Lorenz says.

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Keep an eye out for the tool's first shape, "VaVaVroom," which comes in two sizes, in early 2017 at In the meantime, watch a few sneak peeks of the stamp in action.

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