Naomi Judd talks about Ashely’s recovery after catastrophic leg injury

Naomi Judd may be known for her award winning country music, but she is more proud of being actress Ashely Judd’s mother. Judd’s daughter nearly lost her leg after suffering a catastrophic injury in the Democratic Republic of the Congo recently, and her mother provided an update on her during Thursday's “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

“She's very courageous, and she's healing, said Judd. It's really hard to see her like this, but she lives next door. So I'm going to go up and take her stitches out when we're done because I used to be a nurse before I became a singer.”

Judd’s daughter underwent a 7-hour surgery to repair her shattered leg, but recovery has been difficult and painful. Fortunately she has her mother to care for her.