The Napkin Project (Summer Vacation Edition): Charles Yu

a pen and a paper on a table
The Napkin Project: Charles YuPhilip Friedman


Three of us were lying on a hot, flat, smooth rock. The woman turns to the man and says “I’m going in” and slides into the water, like a seal. The man asks her if it’s cold. So cold, comes the reply. I can’t wait to tell my wife about these two. Maybe they’ll have a drink with us, before we go our separate ways for dinner. The man is now in the water as well. “Come in, Dad,” the man says. He’s mistaken, of course. My kids are babies. The woman laughs. “Dad, you’re such a sap.” I remember her laugh. I don’t want this day to end. In the distance, my wife is coming back, drinks in hand. The sun’s going down, but we have a few more minutes.

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