Nars Just Dropped the New Orgasm Product You'll Wear Every Day

Victoria Moorhouse

Nars Orgasm is one of the most recognized blush shades of all time. Not just for its NSFW name, but because the pale coral and shimmery shade mimics a post-coital afterglow, that's universally flattering to boot. One year ago, the brand heard our cries for more Orgasm-themed beauty products, and dropped a liquid blush and a lipstick. But Nars wasn't finished. The brand has just announced that the Orgasm collection is expanding even more with an illuminating loose powder, a limited-edition blush, and the lip balm you'll be wearing every single day this summer.

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I've been secretly wearing it for weeks, and it's worth all the hype. The Orgasm Afterflow Lip Balm, which retails for $28, is a hydrating formula touched with the subtle peachy and shimmery hue that Orgasm products are known. It makes your lips look slightly glossy, but in the most natural way possible. It's almost like you took a sip of water and the droplets landed on your lips.

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It officially launches today, but if you want to get your hands on it first, you need to head over to Instagram. The link to buy debuted on the brand's Instagram Stories. When you swipe up, you'll be redirected to Sephora's mobile page.

The big O family just got even bigger.