National Geographic celebrates Earth Month with new digital series

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National Geographic

To celebrate Earth Month, National Geographic has announced the launch of Vibe Check x Nat Geo, a new four-part digital series featuring autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) meditative videos full of archival footage from the brand’s natural history shows. The series stems from the ourHome campaign, a special collaboration between National Geographic and Disney that is aimed at highlighting and celebrating the planet this month.

Vibe Check x Nat Geo includes four episodes that run for four hours each. These ASMR mega-episodes use extraordinary footage from some of National Geographic’s award-winning series. The first episode features scenes from Incredible Animal Journeys, which focuses on migration patterns of various animal species, and America’s National Parks, which documents wildlife inside America’s legendary national parks.

These ASMR-style episodes focus on natural sounds only to help with mediation, relaxation, and focus. National Geographic hopes audiences will incorporate the soothing nature of the natural world into their daily lives, whether it be during meditation, work, or even watching television.

Watch the first episode of Vibe Check x Nat Geo on National Geographic’s YouTube.

“This Earth Month, we hope to encourage people to take some time for themselves and do a vibe check with our soothing content by listening to the beautiful sounds of nature and reminding people just how miraculous this world is,” said Tulani André, vice president of social media for National Geographic. “We believe that the best way to get people to care about the planet is to get them to fall in love with it, and these series will do just that while also bringing a sense of calm we can all use now and then.”

ourHOME | National Geographic

Launched by Disney and National Geographic on April 1, the ourHome campaign spotlights creators, storytellers, and cast members helping to protect, restore, and celebrate the Earth. The ourHome campaign features stories from Disney Planet Possible, a movement aimed at taking action to support a healthier planet. A new digital series will emphasize three Disney Planet Possible stories, with National Geographic talent visiting Walt Disney World Resort to see the effort up close.

On Earth Day (April 22), National Geographic’s Emmy-award-winning Secrets of… franchise will release its latest chapter, Secret of the Octopus, with Paul Rudd narrating. Also, Citadel’s Priyanka Chopra Jonas lends her voice to narrate Tiger, a film about a young tigress raising her cubs in the forests of India. Both projects will be available to stream on Disney+, along with other critically acclaimed nature series, including A Real Bug’s Life, Incredible Animal Journeys, and Queens.

Vibe Check x Nat Geo episodes are available on National Geographic’s YouTube channel and the Nat Geo ourHome hub. Episodes will be released biweekly through May 28.