National Geographic launches Take Your Time campaign for mental health awareness

A man sits against a wall, closes his eyes, and relaxes.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, National Geographic announced Take Your Time, a campaign that encourages audiences to slow down and find time for themselves. The Take Your Time campaign will span National Geographic’s platforms, including its magazine, digital, and social media accounts.

The highlight of the Take Your Time campaign is National Geographic’s June magazine cover story about the rise of stress and its often-acute physical, mental, and emotional impacts. will feature various ways audiences can learn about chronic stress. Users can quiz themselves about the differences between acute and chronic stress and when to contact a doctor. Discover the science of urgency culture and burnout and how they will affect one’s organs. Additional educational resources include stress-reducing productivity tips from bestselling Slow Productivity author Cal Newport, meditation, sound therapy, ASMR, and “brain on nature.”

“In our ‘always-on’ world, people are more stressed than ever, and the science is clear that chronic stress has a negative impact on our health,” Nathan Lump, editor-in-chief of National Geographic, said. “We aim to help people better understand the effects of stress and encourage them to slow down and take the time to prioritize their mental health. Hopefully, these resources will encourage and facilitate that behavior.”

As one of the most-followed brands on social media, National Geographic will use its channels to emphasize de-stress methods and educate audiences about Mental Health Awareness Month. Social media users can download calming phone wallpaper starting May 15 by visiting National Geographic’s Instagram account. The digital backgrounds can be used for a phone lock or clock screen and will feature National Geographic photos with reminders like “slow down” and “take your time.”

Fans of ASMR meditation videos can take advantage of National Geographic’s digital series, Vibe Check x Nat Geo. These ASMR mega episodes feature archival footage of National Geographic’s award-winning history series, including America’s National Parks and Incredible Animal Journeys. Episodes will be released biweekly through May 28 on National Geographic’s YouTube channel. Additionally, National Geographic is offering sensory-soothing Spotify playlists for meditation.

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National Geographic cover photo of someone holding their brain.
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