Navy Seal who shot Osama Bin Laden loses shooting contest with Comedian Jim Jefferies

Robert O'Neill, the Navy Seal from Seal Team Six, better known as the guy who shot Osama Bin Laden, joined comedian Jim Jefferies on The Jim Jefferies Show to fire off some very serious artillery. Jefferies said, "In honor of my guest, I ordered a buffet of giant dangerous weapons. Rob's a perfect shot of course. But I need to try them out. Then I find the biggest, funnest and most deadly one to protect myself from a tyrannical government."

Jefferies joking posted a picture of "Zombie Bin Laden" for O'Neill to shoot while he aimed at a picture of the second amendment. Though Jefferies has been outspoken on the incredible lack of gun control in the United States while O'Neill has a bit more of a conservative background there was one thing they agreed on --- Guns are fun. Jefferies jokingly spoofed ads for the guns they fired off. "This is the HMK-416. It's an assault rifle similar to the AR-15," he said, "The manufacturer calls it user friendly. In stores for...hunting. Yeah, let's say it's for 'hunting' this time."

But when Jefferies challenged O'Neill to a watermelon shoot out with the biggest gun he could find, a 50 caliber sniper rifle, something kind of unexpected happened. Jefferies hit his watermelon and O'Neill did not! Though American hero who shot Bin Laden just got bested by a comedian from Australia, I'm sure his fellow Seal Team 6 members won't give him any grief for that.

Jefferies said, "I'll retire my gun career right there. Maybe Bin Laden would have been okay if he was dressed as a watermelon."