'NCIS: Hawaii' Has Cast Vanessa Lachey as the Lead

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Photo credit: NICK AGRO
Photo credit: NICK AGRO

Since February, there's been constant talk of CBS introducing NCIS: Hawaii, another spinoff of the original hit crime drama NCIS. After months of circulating hearsay and rumors, the network finally confirmed on April 23 that the series is, indeed, in production.

Of course, all the speculation and reports have made us hungry for answers — and so, we set out to find all the details about the series that we could.

Below, get the full scoop on what we know about NCIS Hawaii so far:

When will NCIS: Hawaii premiere?

When CBS announced that NCIS: Hawaii was happening, the network didn't offer a set premiere date. The network did, however, share that episodes for NCIS: Hawaii had been ordered for the 2021-22 broadcast season. That could mean fans could see the show premiere sometime this fall, but nothing is certain at this point. We'll update this post once we learn more from CBS.

What will NCIS: Hawaii be about?

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive
Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive

Details about the show are scarce, but TVLine.com recently shared some interesting intel about the lead character. A source allegedly told the outlet that the lead will be a character named "Jane Tennant" who will "break ground on-screen serving as the first Special Agent in Charge of 'NCIS Pearl.'" Considering all of the men given the title of Special Agent in Charge (Mark Harmon in NCIS, Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J in NCIS: Los Angeles and Scott Bakula in NCIS: New Orleans), this would be a huge step forward for the franchise.

What's more, we know that CBS Studios will likely use the extensive production base on the islands built for Hawaii Five-O, which wrapped up last spring.

Will Mark Harmon be in the NCIS: Hawaii cast?

It's unclear at this point who will be in the cast of NCIS: Hawaii, so anything's possible. While it's long been rumored that Mark would soon be walking away after starring on NCIS for 18 years, CBS recently confirmed that NCIS is set to return for a 19th season and Mark is coming back.

That said, Mark might not have time to appear on both NCIS: Hawaii and NCIS. But then again, he is an executive producer on NCIS: New Orleans, which is wrapping up soon, so maybe he'll have a hand in this show's development as well.

As for who we know is involved — that is, according to Variety's sources — Chris Silber, Jan Nash and Matt Bosack are all set to be executive producers and writers. Chris is the current show runner and executive producer of NCIS: New Orleans, while Jan is also an executive producer and writer of the series. Matt, meanwhile, is a writer and supervising producer on the CBS show SEAL Team.

Who will be in the NCIS: Hawaii cast?

We don't have a full cast list to share just yet, but we do have a few confirmed names thanks to Variety. The outlet reports that Vanessa Lachey will play the lead character, Jane Tennant. Meanwhile, Yasmine Al-Bustami will play Lucy, a junior member of Jane's NCIS team. Finally, Jason Antoon will play Ernie, NCIS's cyber intelligence specialist.

Photo credit: NICK AGRO
Photo credit: NICK AGRO

Sadly, Express reports that despite some fans wanting Michael Weatherly to be involved in the new spinoff as Agent Tony DiNozzo, it looks like the actor will already be plenty busy filming Bull's sixth season.

How can I watch or stream NCIS: Hawaii?

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive
Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive

Because we don't have any formal announcement from CBS to share, we don't yet know what time slot the network will choose for NCIS: Hawaii. If it takes over for NCIS: New Orleans though, fans could expect to see episodes on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. But it's all up in the air at this point.

When the show does come out, the CBS crime drama will likely be available via the Paramount+ app, which is accessible on Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV, LG, PS4, Roku, Samsung, Vizio, XBox One and XFinity devices. You can try the service out for free for a week — after that, a subscription costs $5.99 per month.

Like the other NCIS franchises, we're hoping NCIS: Hawaii will also be available to stream for Hulu, Youtube TV, Sling TV, fuboTV and Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

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