Neighbor of alleged Nashville bomber recalls last conversation: 'Nashville and the world will never forget me'

Suspected Nashville bomber Anthony Warner’s neighbor, Rick Laude joined Erin Burnett OutFront Monday night where he spoke about his last conversation with Warner. Laude said he talked to Warner on the Monday before he is believed to have died in the early Christmas morning blast. Though in hindsight Warner alluded to the bombing, Laude said there was nothing about the conversation that raised an alarm. In fact, Laude left the conversation believing that something good was happening for Warner.

“The conversation, nothing raised a red flag as to something horrible would happen. When I drove away from that conversation, I thought that something good was going to be happening for Anthony,” Laude said, later adding, “Just out of small talk, I asked him, ’Is Santa going to bring you anything good for Christmas?’ And he smiled and he said, ‘Oh, yeah. I'm going to be famous. Nashville and the world will never forget me.’”