From broccoli serum to breakout-busting shampoo, 6 brilliant beauty brands that are owning 2019

The new beauty brands to look out for in 2019. (Photos: Flamingo; Seen; Nécessaire)

It’s only February, but 2019 is gearing up to be the year of breakthrough technology from the beauty industry. The newest crop of beauty brands include ones that put body care at the forefront of skin care and a new generation of razors for women. Ahead, the six new beauty brands that should be on your radar this year.

L:a Bruket

When it comes to using natural ingredients in your skin care regimen, take note of the Swedish beauty tradition. “[Swedish beauty] is the idea of using nature all around you to provide nutrients and care for the skin,” says L:a Bruket founder Monica Kylèn. “Users will be reacquainted with nature and the superfood natural ingredients, which is what the Swedish lifestyle is all about.”

The Swedish brand is making its way stateside with unisex skin care products, all made with high-quality natural organic ingredients, such as seaweed and broccoli seed, that nourish the skin, stimulate collagen production and hydrate. Kylèn calls out the Broccoli Seed Serum ($49) as a must-try. “The Broccoli Seed Extract is another superfood for your skin, adding all the vitamins, nourishment and omega acids you can possibly need,” she says. “On top of this, it penetrates quickly, bringing the moisture and all the good thing deep down without leaving a layer on the surface.”

L:a Bruket Hand Cream. (Photo: Need Supply)

Shop itL:a Bruket Hand Cream, $24,


Intimate feminine care took off last year, but DeoDoc wants to educate consumers about the anatomy down there. “Today so many women know so much about makeup and how to contour their face, but they have not gained the knowledge on caring for their intimate areas,” DeoDoc co-founder Hedieh Asadi tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “This topic has always been taboo, but we want to change that.” The line includes washes and wipes that maintain skin’s pH levels along with shaving cream and shaving oil to ensure a gentle, close shave.

DeoDoc Daily Intimate Wash. (Photo: Violet Grey)

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One of the sneakiest reasons we break out is what we use on our hair. Packed with oils, waxes and polymers, some of our favorite hair products can inadvertently clog pores. “The impact of hair care products on skin hasn’t really been considered until now, so it’s been a hot mess of ingredients that can contribute to acne and breakouts,” dermatologist and co-founder of Seen hair care Iris Rubin, MD, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Beyond any individual ingredient, the way that ingredients combine can make a difference as well.”

Seen aims to bring skin care to our hair care. Each product is made with formulas that are noncomedogenic and not irritating to our skin. “We see ourselves as more than a beauty brand; we are a self-confidence brand. We hope that our customers will become huge fans … and that Seen products will make a difference in their lives.”

Seen Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle. (Photo: Seen)

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“We know that consumers are tired of being marketed products that don’t work, and they’re especially tired of spending extra time, energy and money trying to find a product that solves their issues,” Proven co-founder Ming Zhao tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We’re simplifying everything from the search for the right product to the actual skin care routine.”

Proven utilizes artificial intelligence to give users a personalized skin care routine. After taking a skin assessment, the program will then compare results against a database of customer reviews to determine the best ingredients for your skin type. Based on that, Proven creates a customized cleanser, a daily moisturizer and a night cream using those ingredients.

Proven Customized Skin Care System. (Photo: Proven)

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Body care is the new skin care according to Nécessaire co-founders Nick Axelrod and Randi Christiansen. “I think we have become much more aware of our bodies and the importance of treating them well, inside and out,” Christiansen tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We have started to care so much more about the food we put in our bodies, how we work out our bodies, the mind-body connection — thinking about the beauty products we use every day and even put in our bodies is the next step.”

Each of the three products in the collection contains no harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and synthetic dyes. Each one effectively cleans and moisturizes the skin while supporting and maintaining our bodies natural pH levels.

Nécessaire the Body Wash in Sandalwood. (Photo: Nécessaire)

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It’s no secret that many women are less than impressed with razors on the market. Some even prefer to use men’s razors for a closer shave. So leave it to two women from the popular shaving club Harry’s to take all their knowledge and create something that solves all those problems. Meet Flamingo.

“We didn’t feel there were products with holistic thoughtfulness [and a] design that considers the experience as well as the product,” says Flamingo co-founder Allie Melnick. “This is insight we’ve gained not only from speaking with so many women but also from a lifetime of trying different product and techniques ourselves.” Flamingo’s five-blade razor is engineered to hug women’s curves and has a rubber handle to minimize any slippage. The shave kit also includes a moisturizing shaving gel, a body lotion and a convenient shower hook.

Flamingo Shave Set. (Photo: Flamingo)

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