New feminine hygiene ad shows how tough ‘girl blood’ can be



“No blood should hold you back.”

That’s the tagline of the newest ad from feminine hygiene brand Bodyform. The video, entitled “Blood,” follows a series of female athletes as they power through sports like boxing, running, rugby, ballet and skateboarding. These girls are tough, not letting bloody noses, knuckles or knees slow them down.

“When surveyed, 41.7 per cent of exercising women reported that their menstrual cycle had a negative impact on their training and exercise performance,” Bodyform said in a statement.

“However, because of the lack of research available, we can’t explain or explore the reason why. We believe that this lack of knowledge can prevent women from being active and exercising during their menstrual cycle and can have a negative impact on the way they feel.”

“This can and should change.”

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Unlike traditional ads for feminine hygiene products, which focus on the the product – often with the aid of blue liquid – this ad focuses on the type of woman they’re targeting, one that doesn’t let blood (of any kind) get in their way.

The brand has partnered with universities like St. Mary’s University, Twickenham and University College London to dedicate more research to menstruation. In addition, they’ve created an online portal, Red.Fit where women can gain valuable knowledge about their periods and how to remain active during that time of the month.

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