An unexpected villain emerges on 'The Bachelor Winter Games' finale

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Love seemed to be in the air for Luke Pell and Stassi Yaramchuk on The Bachelor Winter Games. But during the “World Tells All,” Stassi said Luke hadn’t said one word to her since they left. In fact, they’re now like complete strangers.

When Luke came out to greet Stassi, she acted as if they had never met. She even introduced herself to him. This got a big response from those in attendance.

At the end of the Winter Games, Luke had said, “I just want her to know how much she means to me, how much our relationship means to me, and I want to see this through.” Stassi told him that she would move for him. But then came the silence.

Luke’s excuse was that he was genuinely into Stassi while the cameras were rolling but that his feelings ended when the show did. “As soon as this environment’s gone, life is not easy,” he said. “Relationships are not easy.”

When the show cut to commercial, Stassi pressed Luke for more answers asking, “So, you decided then, like, after show, you’d straight decide, like, ‘OK, no. I don’t want to even try to be with her?'” To which Luke replied, “Yeah.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their disdain for Luke. Despite there being a surprise engagement on the finale, this was the most discussed topic by far. It’ll be interesting to see if Luke makes another Bachelor franchise appearance.

See the proposal that shocked everyone during the after show:

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