New Japanese poster for 'Frozen 2' drops hint at film's secret plot

Ben Arnold
Frozen 2 (Credit: Disney)

The plot for Frozen 2 has been kept closely under wraps by Disney.

All we know from the notably plot-free first trailer is that Elsa, her sister Anna, snowman Olaf and ice-cutter Kristoff (and reindeer Sven) are embarking on a journey which will take them far from their home of Arendelle.

Fans have rumoured a number of possibilities already.

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Among the most popular is that perhaps the sisters are journeying to find their parents who, some over-active imaginations have decreed, are in fact not dead, despite the sequence from the first movie in which their ship is consumed by the sea.

But it could be that a new Japanese poster for the movie has let a little more slip.

Text on the poster translates to 'Why was Elsa given powers?'.

The new Japanese Frozen 2 poster (Credit: Disney)

So could it be that the journey undertaken by our heroes is to find the origin of the reluctant Queen of Arendelle's ice-making skills?

But all that's really confirmed so far is the returning cast of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad are to be joined by Evan Rachel Wood and This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown, in so-far undisclosed roles.

Much is expected of the sequel.

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The first film, released in 2013 and inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale The Snow Queen, was a slow-burn hit, making $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office, making it the highest grossing animated movie of all time.

It also won two Oscars, for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for ‘Let It Go’.

The movie lands on 22 November.