Deal ends soon! MasterClass will make 2022 the year you need right now

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Ringo wants you to catch this 2-for1 deal, then take his groovy drumming course. (Photo: MasterClass)
Ringo wants you to catch this 2-for1 deal, then take his groovy drumming course. (Photo: MasterClass)

"New year, new you" is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But when you apply it to MasterClass, it has real meaning. If your resolution for 2022 is to learn something new, expand your mind, stimulate your creativity and feel more fired-up and fulfilled, then MasterClass is the 2022 gift-to-self you need and deserve.

If you're not familiar, MasterClass is a vast buffet of smart, inspiring, beautifully produced multi-session online courses taught by experts and celebs at the top of their field, covering everything from music to politics, style to skateboarding, mixology to makeup.

This best-in-class service rarely goes a sale. But right now you can get two All-Access memberships to MasterClass for the price of one. That's a year of unlimited courses for you and a friend. You and your kid. You and your mom. You and your brother. It's a rich, deep ongoing experience of learning, growing and fun — and it can make 2022 feel like a totally fresh start. But listen up: The moment to pounce is now — this annual MasterClass sale is just about to end!

Hillary Clinton in a dark-pink top.
Hillary Clinton's MasterClass in Resilience just dropped. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll find your true purpose. (Photo: MasterClass)

$180 for two memberships $360 at MasterClass

These are not one-shot quickie events; they’re layered, thorough, well-thought-out classes with many installments. Case in point: Hillary Clinton's MasterClass in Resilience includes 16 sessions, covering a vast array of topics, from discovering your mission to organizing your life; she even shares the never-before-heard speech she would have given had she been elected president in 2016. Ringo's 12-part class covers drumming technique, sure, but also creative collaboration and lyric writing.

Tan France in front of a rack of clothes
Queer Eye's Tan France — master of the French Tuck — teaches a brand-new course called Style for Everyone. We. Can't. Wait. (Photo: MasterClass)

Style expert Tan France tackles a multitude of issues in his extremely practical class, with sessions on creating a capsule wardrobe, working with color and even developing the confidence to "own your look." Awesome.

The list goes on and on. Think leadership skills with Bill Clinton, tennis instruction from Serena Williams, restaurant-caliber home cooking with Gordon Ramsay, a makeup course with Bobbi Brown, basketball with Steph Curry and creative writing with Margaret freakin' Atwood. If you got into chess over the pandemic, you can take your game to a new level studying with one of the all-time greatest players. And if you're pivoting to a new post-pandemic career, you can learn how to negotiate from a true master.

Serena Williams in action
Serena wants to talk to you about your serve. (Photo: MasterClass)

$180 for two memberships $360 at MasterClass

Shonda Rhimes’s MasterClass on TV writing is 30 parts (6.5 hours) and includes not only how to write and pitch your TV ideas but also deep analyses of scripts from Rhimes’s shows, including Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Penn & Teller teach a 17-part MasterClass; it covers the fundamentals of coin and card magic, yes, but it also delves into the psychology of creating a sense of amazement and awe.

There are classes in photography, design, politics, filmmaking, ballet — all presided over by elite experts. And this is the moment to sign up. Normally a single all-access MasterClass membership goes for $180. Right now, you get two memberships for that price. That breaks down to $90 per person (25 cents a day, folks) for a year of MasterClass. You can't afford not to do it.

Imagine learning about conservation and animal behavior from Jane Goodall! (Photo: MasterClass)
Who better to teach us about conservation and animal behavior than Jane Goodall? Meet your new instructor, indeed! (Photo: MasterClass)

Imagine acting class with Natalie Portman. How about Indian cooking with Madhur Jaffrey? Maybe you’re more of a naturalist. Dr. Jane Goodall offers a MasterClass in conservation. For photographers, there’s Annie Leibowitz. There’s even a course in authenticity and self-expression by Ru Paul. What better way to utilize the cold winter months?

MasterClass is an ever-growing treasure trove of knowledge, advice, motivation and stimulation, with something to delight everyone. For $180 you can indulge in the entire array of 100-plus MasterClasses yourself and present the gift of MasterClass to someone in your life.

As Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote, “The world is so full of a number of things/I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” MasterClass delivers these things in abundance. It lifts your mood, ignites your brain and sparks fresh energy and enthusiasm. It's a beautiful gift to yourself and to someone you love. Unlock access before this brief sale disappears. You’ll be so glad you did

$180 for two memberships $360 at MasterClass

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