New Yorkers not happy Empire State Building lit up in Patriots and Eagles colors

The Empire State Building paid homage to the AFC champion New England Patriots and NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, lighting up the iconic skyscraper with the colors of the two teams that will meet in Super Bowl LII, and let’s just say New Yorkers weren’t all that happy about it.

Considering the Patriots and Eagles are the chief division rivals of New York’s Jets and Giants, respectively — a matchup the New York Post described as the “Worst. Super Bowl. Ever.” — whoever runs the Empire State Building’s official Twitter account probably should have seen these negative responses coming when they asked, “Who will you be cheering for on February 4th?”

Speaking of which, there is reportedly a “potentially hazardous” asteroid “larger than any skyscraper yet built” headed in the Earth’s direction at 67,000 miles per hour. It is expected to pass our planet by a scant 2.6 million miles on Super Bowl Sunday, which is tremendous news for everyone except for the possible exception of whoever lit up the Empire State Building in Patriots and Eagles colors.