Next Decentrum Launches Crypto Emirati NFT Collection Featuring Leading UAE Artists

Crypto Emirati is a collection of original Digital Artwork created by Emirati artists. Under the creative leadership of Emirati conceptual artist, Zeinab Alhashemi, Creative advisor at Next Decentrum. The first theme, UAE50 is in commemoration of the 50th Jubilee of the United Arab Emirates.

Vancouver, Canada, Feb. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Next Decentrum Technologies Inc. (“Next Decentrum”) announced today the debut of Crypto Emirati, the first collection of original digital artworks created by Emirati artists and releases as a series of NFT drops each with its own theme.

Collectors can register their interest to get early access at CryptoEmirati.World

NFT art sales peaked at almost 1.5 million sales per month in 2021. And across 2021, a total of over 11 million NFT art sales were made according to NonFungible.

"We are honored to introduce such remarkable artists from the MENA region to the world, and work with them to capitalize on the many benefits of NFTs," said Hussein Hallak, CEO of Next Decentrum.

Under the creative directorship of Zeinab Alhashemi, Emirati conceptual artist, and Creative Advisor at Next Decentrum, Crypto Emirati was born out of a love for the United Arab Emirates and a fascination for all that this young country has achieved in only 5o years.

Crypto Emirati curates several collections to showcase unique works of Emirati artists. UAE50, the first collection is in commemoration of the 50th Jubilee of the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

“As an Emirati myself I am very proud of this collection and it has been a pleasure working with Zeinab and all the talented artists to bring Crypto Emirati to life,” said Sarah Al Marashi, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer and MENA Lead for Next Decentrum.

“It’s not easy even for a known artist to reach a wider market, not to mention raising funds to pursue ambitious artistic visions,” Said Zeinab Al Hashemi, Conceptual Artist & Creative Advisor at Next Decentrum “This is why I’m excited about working with the Next Decentrum team on this project to utilize the power of NFTs and give local artists a global platform.”

Commenting on her involvement in the collection, Aysha Al Hamrani, a talented Emirati artist popularly known as Mnwarah, said “NFTs are a new medium that artists are just starting to become familiar with. Crypto Emirati expands my artistic horizon and allows me to experiment with new ways to engage with art lovers and collectors.”

“I’ve been hearing so much about NFTs, but I was hesitant. But the vision of the project, the creative support from Zeinab and the patient and educational approach of the Next Decentrum team helped me have more confidence and feel excited about the next steps.” Said Shamma Buhazza

Other artists who are taking part in the Crypto Emirati collection include award-winning film director, animator and artist Mohammad Fikree who said, “As an artist, I am always excited about exploring new creative mediums. Digital art forms an important part of animation and I have explored pixel art in the past, so when I was approached by Zeinab and Next Decentrum I jumped at the opportunity.”

Maitha Demithan, a renowned Emirati visual artist known for her photography, painting and photo transfers and one of the contributing artists to the collection said: “Navigating through the multiple platforms and information sources on NFTs can be very overwhelming. The Crypto Emirati project was a painless experience where I learned so much about NFTs. I feel supported as an artist and have the space to create and focus on the artwork itself.”

When asked about his experience, one of the youngest participating artists, Sultan Al Ramahi said, “It has been an honor and privilege working with Zeinab’s. Her vision and creative direction made the process enjoyable and I can’t wait to release more artworks in the near future”.

As for Amira Almussawi, the youngest artist in the group, she said “It has been a great learning experience for me and I was honored to create pieces representing the country I love alongside artists I admire.”

After launching, a proprietary NFT platform, Next Decentrum is planning several collaborations with leading artists, museums and cultural institutions to present collectors with iconic artworks.

With the accessibility and reach made possible by NFTs, the vision for Crypto Emirati is to do a series for releases, each with its own theme, and provide collectors with access to the works of established and upcoming artists from the region.

Collectors can register their interest to get early access at CryptoEmirati.World


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