Roger Goodell looked exhausted by the end of Round 3 of the NFL draft, and fans had jokes

Roger Goodell doesn’t normally announce picks in the NFL draft past the first round.

However this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the draft out of Las Vegas and onto the internet, the league commissioner decided to stick around and announce every pick in the second and third rounds from his basement on Friday night.

That move, however, seemed to take a toll on him. 

Goodell, after standing for every pick in the first and second round, looked a bit tired near the end of the third. The 61-year-old started lounging in his chair to announce the final picks of the night, and just appeared to be over the whole thing.

Naturally, fans had plenty of jokes.

In Goodell’s defense, the second and third round took nearly five hours and ended around midnight on the east coast. That’s a lot for anyone to handle — especially after munching on a full jar of M&Ms, his favorite snack, throughout the whole thing.

Welcome to the second and third round of the draft, Mr. Commissioner.

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