NFL legend Bruce Smith stuns Steve Harvey on ‘Family Feud’: ‘What the f*** did he say?’

It was a battle of NFL greats on Celebrity Family Feud, Sunday, as current stars took on NFL Hall-of-Famers. One legend in particular, Bruce Smith, provided both host Steve Harvey and viewers with one of the most legendary answers in the game’s history. While playing in the “fast money” round of the game, Smith was asked “If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?” To which Smith replied, “A hammer.” Unfortunately, his teammate Michael Irvin had already guessed that answer so he was forced to provide a second answer. Smith’s second answer surprised everyone when he immediately followed up with, “A penis.” Harvey had already begun asking the next question when he abruptly stopped and said, “What the f*** did he say?” After several seconds of laughter from the audience and participants, Harvey profusely apologized. “I swear I’m sorry, that just came out,” said Harvey. “I don’t even know where that came from?” Everyone on set found the answer to be hilarious and viewers at home were equally impressed. Many people, from fans to sports personalities, took to Twitter to revel in the hilarious response. Funny answers are common on the gameshow, but this answer was exceptionally hilarious. “Your ass is going on YouTube, though,” Harvey warned Smith. “You're gonna be the greatest clip ever played.” Smith did not earn any points for the obviously incorrect answer, but he did help his team solidify a $25,000 donation to the Professional Athlete Foundation.

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