NFL Week 10 Picks: Can Bills bounce back, knock Vikings off track?

Buffalo suffered a disappointing 20-17 loss to the New York Jets last game but in Week 10 against the visiting Vikings, they have the chance to solidify their spot atop the AFC.

Video Transcript

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Let's talk about our beloved week 9 in the NFL here. Let's start off with the Seahawks versus Buccaneers. It's interesting because going into this season, I never would have thought that Seahawks versus Buccaneers would have been interesting. But Geno Smith is playing some top-tier football, and Tom Brady is not.

And this is a playoff-type qualifying game or whatever where they're going to be dealing with important positioning here. Because in the NFC West, the Seahawks have teams trying to catch up to them. Got the 49ers there. The Rams are trying to get wins to catch up to the Seahawks. I think they're firmly in first place, which is, wow, just madness.

But then there's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where their placement is a little more loose. They're tied for first place with the Atlanta Falcons right now. And if the Saints would have won on "Monday Night Football," it'd be a three-way tie. That's to let you know what's going on in the NFC South.

So with this number three versus number four team in the NFC, this game that they're playing this weekend, if I had to make a pick-- listen, man, I know the Bucs won last week versus the Rams. But, one, I don't think the Rams are playing that well. And, two, of the Bucs hadn't scored all the way until the end of the game, scored a touchdown until the end of the game.

So if I had to pick, man, I'm going with the better team. I'm going with Seahawks We talked about how run game and how defense make things easier for your quarterback, and that seems to be the way that most teams are playing this year in the NFL. So I'm going to go with Seahawks over Buccaneers. They're going to continue to put their foot in the NFC race, which is madness, the Seahawks.

I keep saying it. But shouts out to the Sea-- if there was any team that we-- we knew Kyler Murray had his "Call of Duty" thing. We knew that the 49ers were dealing with injuries and Garoppolo was the guy. And, boy, I just didn't think it was going to be the Seahawks, man. Didn't think it was going to be a Seahawks. Shouts out to those guys. But, yeah, I'm watching that game this weekend.

Let's go Bills versus the Vikings there. Another shocker that going into the season, I never would have thought that the Minnesota Vikings would be a top team in the NFC. They've only lost one game. And you can make the argument that they haven't beat a super quality team. But, hey, the Buffalo Bills are a quality team. So we get a pretty good test versus these Bills here.

And the Bills are a team, they're coming off of this loss for the Jets. They cannot go on this 0 and 2 streak here because the Kansas City Chiefs are trying to catch them in that number one spot in the AFC. And so far, the Bills, if they keep winning, then they'll get the bye week. There's only one bye week this year and last year. But there's only one bye week, so you're going to be fighting for that. The Bills should not lose two in a row. I'm going to go with the Buffalo Bills.

But what if-- what if-- by way of defense and run game with Dalvin Cook, what if the Vikings can pull it off? This should be fun to see what Kirk Cousins and company pulls off. But if I had to bet, I'll go with the Bills. I don't see good teams like that losing two times in a row.

And then we have the third game I'm watching, let's go Chargers versus 49ers. And this is interesting. And notice that-- and, look, this is the time of year where all these games are playoff implication type games, right? Teams are going to get eliminated around this time of year.

And we talked about playoffs with the first two games, but this third game is very interesting in the way that the Chargers and the 49ers are both seventh place teams and they're playing against each other. They're seventh place in the AFC, seventh place in the NFC. So whoever loses, they're going to have to be shipped off to the elephant graveyard while the other team survives in their playoff races.

Let's see. Christian McCaffrey had a pretty Christian McCaffrey-like game as of late. They just had the bye week. I think they're expecting Elijah Mitchell back, and they're going to be doing all run game things anyway. So the 49ers get a little bit stronger there. And the Chargers, man, they just can't stay healthy, man. They're just running into little nonsensical nicks, nicks and bruises here. And I don't think Justin Herbert has been playing the best football this year, you know what I mean? So I think that's going to be something too.

I always try to lean with the better quarterbacks, so that means I should lean towards Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers. But, man, this year, I'm leaning towards best defenses and best run games. And that seems to be San Francisco at this point. So if I had to pick out of this game, I'm going to go with the Niners over the Chargers.