Flyers bust out the 80's Cooperalls in glorious 'reverse retro' debut

The Cooperalls are back, and they're glorious. (Photo via Twitter/NHLFlyers)
The Cooperalls are back, and they're glorious. (Photo via Twitter/NHLFlyers)

The Philadelphia Flyers went back in time ahead of Tuesday’s matchup versus the St. Louis Blues, breaking out one of their iconic looks.

Flyers players hit the ice for pre-game warmup in pure throwback glory, donning infamous 80's Cooperalls. It’s the first time in over 40 years the odd-looking, full-length hockey pants have been worn in the NHL. And, while the moment only lasted roughly 20 minutes, the Cooperalls were met with warm reviews from those in attendance and on social media.

Players like Scott Laughton and Travis Konecny, in particular, appeared to be having a blasting rocking the throwback jerseys and pants.

Philadelphia first debuted the Cooperalls during the 1981-82 season, but the NHL outlawed them due to safety concerns after the 1982-83 campaign. They were originally made by Cooper Canada, who designed them to weigh less than traditional hockey equipment.

The Cooperalls that the Flyers wore in the 1980s were manufactured by CCM Hockey and called the “Propac.” Since they were made from nylon, the pants featured very little traction on the ice, causing players to crash extra hard into the boards when they slid. Goalies also complained about losing sight of pucks because of the black fabric.

The Flyers are planning to wear the Cooperalls in pre-game warmup seven additional times this season as part of their Reverse Retro throwback line:

Nov. 23, at Washington Capitals

Nov. 25, vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Dec. 1, vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Dec. 15, at New Jersey Devils

Jan. 5, vs. Arizona Coyotes

Jan. 14, at Washington Capitals

Jan. 19, vs. Chicago Blackhawks

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