Watch: NHL releases 'Mic'd Up' video for 2017-18 regular season

Who doesn’t love a good chirp!

Well, the one getting chirped is an obvious answer, but some good ol’ trash talk remains a popular part of the hockey for many fans.

Throughout the NHL season, the league mics up several of its notable players and compiles the most entertaining banter for a compilation video released at season’s end.

Now, the mics don’t pick up all of the jawing that goes on between competitors, but there’s enough comedy in the NHL’s “Best of 2017-18 Regular Season Mic’d Up” video to make any hockey fan chuckle. A decent portion of the trash talk is bleeped out, of course, but it’s not too difficult to fill in the blanks.

Anytime the NHL offers a closer look at the inner-goings of the game, it’s almost always going to be entertaining. NHL stars may not provide the most engaging post-game interviews, but their discourse on the ice is must-watch material for any sports fan.

If the verbal exchanges are this heated during the regular season, I can only imagine what the smack talk is like in the playoffs.

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