NHL playoffs betting guide: Avalanche vs. Predators

Justin Cuthbert breaks down the first-round matchup between the Colorado Avalanche and Nashville Predators.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Also in the central, we have the Colorado Avalanche's minus 620 favorites over the Nashville Predators. The comeback on Nashville is plus 430 on the spread, so again, minus 1.5 games you'd have to win in 6 games or less is minus 230 for the Avalanche and the comeback on that to either win the series or force a game 7 would be plus 184 for the Nashville Predators.

I don't think there's much with those lines there, honestly, that I'm willing to play, but because I think the Avalanche are likely to win this series in 4 or 5, and I don't really want to choose between the two, with Juuse Saros unavailable, the total games under 5.5 right now is sitting at minus 120. I love that line.

Getting minus 120 on the Colorado Avalanche to do what they should do, which is to dominate a disadvantaged and lesser opponent, it's about all you could ask for. Close to even money on the Colorado Avalanche to do what they should do, sign me up for that.

I don't expect this group to be playing with their food at this stage of the tournament. I expect them to be business like, fierce, and ready to go. This team knows that this is last-dance territory. They're going to lose a lot of players in free agency, and they know that this is their time. And I don't think they're going to mess around with a first-round opponent. I think they're going to be going for the jugular as soon as possible.

So total games, under 5.5 at minus 120 right now, I think that's way better than trying to guess between the Avs winning in 4 or 5, and I guess if the tables completely turn, you'd still win if the Predators won in 4 or 5, but that certainly is not happening.

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