Tyson Nash still stands by controversial Ducks-Coyotes fight call

Incase you couldn't tell by now, Tyson Nash will not be backpedaling on his controversial call.

Less than two weeks removed from the viral incident between the Arizona Coyotes and the Anaheim Ducks, we finally have some clarity from one of the voices embroiled in the affair.

On April 2nd, in Arizona’s 5-0 loss to Anaheim, Coyotes forward Jay Beagle took exception to young Anaheim star Trevor Zegras poking at goalie Karel Vejmelka as he covered the puck in the dying minutes of the third period.

Beagle cross-checked Zegras, then took his frustrations out on Troy Terry, who came in to defend his teammate. After taking a few punches, Terry was left bloodied and bruised and exited the contest with just over five minutes remaining.

Coyotes commentator Tyson Nash reiterated that he loves Trevor Zegras, but thinks the star rookie should've been
Coyotes commentator Tyson Nash reiterated that he loves Trevor Zegras, but thinks the star rookie should've been "prepared to get punched in the mouth." (Getty)

Zegras was visibly upset following the incident, deploring Beagle’s actions in his postgame comments to the press.

“The fact that he’s down, and not engaged in a fight, and you’re gonna hit him three more times, I think it’s embarrassing,” he said. “I think the league should step in here and do something about it.”

The NHL decided not to suspend or fine Beagle for the episode.

While many watching took offense to Beagle taking liberties on a young star like the 24-year-old Terry, Twitter lit up with debate following Coyotes’ colour commentator Tyson Nash’s defence of Beagle as the scuffle unfolded.

“That’s the problem with these young players,” he said. “You want to embarrass guys, you want to skill it up, you better be prepared to get punched in the mouth.”

Zegras did indeed “skill it up” earlier in the game, scoring another outrageous lacrosse-style goal, a play that the 21-year-old rookie is quickly becoming synonymous with.

Despite the outrage over his comments, Nash has not wavered from his stance, standing by his play call in numerous interviews since — including most recently on an episode of The Cam & Strick Podcast.

“I really wouldn’t change a thing,” the former NHL-er said. “I guess if there was something I would change, that people have jumped all over me about, is that I was trying to downplay and be negative about the skill aspect of the game, which I find laughable.”

“I absolutely love [Zegras], I love that he chirps, I love his swagger, I love his cockiness,” he clarified. “But all I’m saying is, when you’re gonna do all that, be prepared to get punched in the mouth.”

Nash also told hosts Cam Janssen and Andy Strickland that Beagle was warning Zegras about his behaviour throughout the game, eventually culminating in the violent outburst.

“Jay Beagle warned Zegras multiple times in that game to settle down and knock it off,” he said. “And what happened? The kid didn’t listen and just continued to go on.”

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