Nick Cannon's younger brother can't name all 12 of Nick's kids either

  • Gabriel Cannon, Nick Cannon's brother, was the winner of ABC's "Claim to Fame" season two.

  • He revealed that he hasn't met all of Nick's kids, and would have to use Google to name them.

  • Cannon fathered 12 children, and he once forgot his daughter Onyx when asked to name them all.

Even Nick Cannon's brother Gabriel, the winner of season two of ABC's celebrity relative competition series "Claim to Fame," has struggled to keep track of Cannon's children.

The series features the less-famous relatives of celebrities, who must conceal their celebrity relation from the other players. If another contestant guesses their celebrity relative, the player is then eliminated. Gabriel won in the final episode by successfully guessing that fellow contestant Monay (whose full name is Jerrica Monay Brooks) was related to J.B. Smoove.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after his win, Gabriel spoke about his time on the show and about his brother, who has famously fathered 12 children with six partners.

Gabriel told Entertainment Weekly that he hadn't met his brother's kids and admitted he wouldn't be able to name them all. "Did y'all see what happened with him?" Gabriel told the publication, referencing his brother. "He messed up [naming] all his kids, so I'm not even gonna attempt. I'm just uncle. It's easy."

Gabriel was apparently referring to Cannon's appearance on "The Howard Stern Show" in April, when host Howard Stern asked Cannon to name all 12 of his children. Unfortunately, as People reported, the "Masked Singer" host accidentally left out Onyx, his daughter with Lanisha Cole who was born in September 2022.

When Entertainment Weekly asked Gabriel if he kept a list of the children's names on his phone, he had a simpler answer.

"That or Google," he replied. "They're all on the internet."

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