Nick Jonas Says His "Heart Is Full" As He Films Priyanka Chopra's Incredible Dancing

Mehera Bonner

From Cosmopolitan

Guys, Nick Jonas' heart is full. Probably about as full as mine was after watching Camp Rock for the first time. The pop star is currently in Mumbai, India, where he and Priyanka Chopra just made their engagement official in front of friends and family during an epic celebration. And following said celebration, the pair visited St. Catherine's Orphanage, where Priyanka wasted no time hopping on stage and dancing for the children while Nick filmed her.

"St. Catherine Orphanage today," Nick captioned the footage on Instagram Stories. "My heart is full."

First of all, Priyanka Chopra's dancing is extremely on point. If this is a glimpse at what's to come during their wedding, count me vicariously in. Second of all...actually, there isn't a second of all. Nick and Priyanka are just clearly very sweet and good-hearted, and that's it. The end, bye forever, so we can all go learn this dance routine.

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