Nick Jonas talks Christmastime with his family -- including future sister-in-law Sophie Turner

Jennifer Kline

The holidays are all about family, and in the Jonas household, there's extra love to go around this season.

While Nick Jonas is working nearly nonstop in the coming weeks, the 25-year-old tells AOL he couldn't be more excited to spend some quality time with his brothers, parents and nieces -- and his future sister-in-law, "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner, who is engaged to brother Joe.

Although the family has "started steering away from gifts," Nick said that Sophie is "of course" on his gift list: "We will certainly do that and embrace her into the family," he told AOL between his two hot-ticket Carnival Cruise Line performances.

But for the most part, Christmas shopping is all about Kevin Jonas' daughters, 3-year-old Alena and 1-year-old Valentina. "I think we just focus on the little ones -- we've got our two nieces now, they're the best," Nick said. "So I think we just kind of do what we can to make it great for them. And the rest of us just enjoy the time together, and that's the gift."

In a schedule that surely relies on unconscionable amounts of caffeine, Nick performed in Nassau for two packed Carnival Cruise ships on November 16 and 17 -- "I'm a fan of the nautical life," he joked -- before heading to Los Angeles to take the AMAs stage on the 19th. And the hectic schedule only picks up from there.

"I'm going to be very busy; I have a movie coming out in about a month, 'Jumanji,' so starting promo for that should be a busy time," Nick said. "But in addition to that, I'm gonna try to get a little bit of down time, some family time -- quiet during the holidays will be nice."

No doubt Nick is missing his nieces in particular -- he completely lit up a few days ago when Alena surprised him on the AMAs red carpet. Watch the viral moment below: