Nicki Minaj Makes Her Snapchat Debut With a Few Snafus

Rapper, singer, and self-proclaimed Barbie Nicki Minaj finally joined Snapchat but experienced a few road bumps as she tried to learn how to use the app.

Confused and looking for answers, Minaj hit up her fans on Instagram and Twitter for a much-needed tutorial:

Her nearly 100 million followers heard her call for help and were quick to respond. But fans were so excited and so eager to reach the “Anaconda” rapper that Minaj couldn’t get to any of her settings because she had new calls through the app almost every second.

Even with all the help, Minaj still couldn’t manage to post on Snapchat and turned to Twitter to keep her fans up-to-date on her failed attempts to become a social media maven.

In the end, Minaj successfully gave her fans a glimpse into her breathtaking view of her current tropical locale with the playful caption, “First snap who dis?”

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