Nicole Kidman thinks the world could use another Oprah on 'The Late Show'

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Nicole Kidman joined the host to answer some of life's big questions with some pretty big answers in a segment called "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars." Colbert asked, "Do you think god could make a rock so heavy, he himself couldn't lift it?" Kidman answered, "I don't know. But why is he making more rocks? We have plenty of rocks. What we could use is another Oprah."

And aside from advocating for cloning Oprah, Kidman also had some thoughts about our possibly very near future. When Colbert asked, "Do you think artificial intelligence will ever conquer humanity?" Kidman said, "I asked my Alexa that, and she just laughed."

After considering our present and our future, they pondered a time when the earth wasn't even a thing. Kidman asked, "What do you think happened before the big bang?" Colbert answered, "Oh, I think fewer people watched CBS."