Night Court Finale Sneak Peek: Abby's Arrest Puts Her Up Against an Old Foe

Things are going from bad to worse for Night Court‘s Abby. Like, “charged with a felony” worse.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s season finale (NBC, 8/7c), which finds Dan bailing Abby out of jail after she was arrested for helping that old lady Louise bust her boyfriend out of his retirement home. She only spent one night behind bars, but Abby came out of there with a tattoo… well, a temporary one, anyway. Still, it’s “somehow already super infected,” she complains.

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Abby is panicking because she’s never been charged with a crime before, but Dan reassures her that she shouldn’t face more than a fine. Yeah, about that… Dan also catches a distinctive whiff of Chuck Norris’ cologne (“Walker: Texas Fragrance”), which can only mean one thing: Jeff Dewitt! Yep, that jerk is back and eager to take revenge on Abby by prosecuting her to the full extent of the law — which means he’s charging her with felony breaking and entering. Yikes… we hope she has a good lawyer.

Jeff’s prosecution of Abby “forces Olivia to choose sides,” per the official episode description. Plus, “Abby and Rand find their relationship at a crossroads.”

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at the Night Court finale, and tell us how you’re liking this season so far in the comments.

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